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The Hand Dryer store is one of the UK’s premiere manufactures and suppliers of commercial and electric hand dryers, for every kind of commercial bathroom, even for your own if you need it. With many years of experience with both supplying and manufacturing commercial hand dryers, we understand the needs of every business when it comes electric hand drying machines, from ecological considerations to the aesthetic and feel of any commercial bathroom. We’ve got hand dryers for simple bathrooms, and we’ve got beautiful hand dryers for more luxurious bathrooms. No matter what you feel you’re looking for, you know you’ll always find what you need with The Hand Dryer store.

Nobody wants to deal with an electric hand dryer that doesn’t work properly, waving your hands at a machine that just refuses to work is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can have whilst washing your hands, rest assured with our years of experience in manufacturing our hand dryers are built to last.

Electric Hand Dryers for every commercial washroom & budget!

Hand dryers are all we know here at I suppose the clue is in the name! We have been supplying commercial electric hand dryers since 2012 so have a wealth of knowledge when assisting you with you requirement. Not all hand dryers are equal and there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from, but we make sure we stay ahead of the curve to provide quite frankly the best and most up-to-date commercial dryers.

Some great (like ours) and some not so great! We don't believe in selling hand dryers that take an eternity to dry your hands. We've all been there. Place hands below an electric hand dryer to be greeted with a feeble flow of red hot air! Most of us get tired of the wait, dry hands on our clothes and walk away. All of our electric dryers will dry hands in around 10 seconds flat!

Commercial Hand Dryers from a UK leading brand

Ok, so it’s fair to say that most people are not hand dryer geeks! We, however are! You may or may not have heard of our electric hand dryer brand but I can rest assured that you have heard of some of the clients that we supply!

Leaders in the field of commercial hand dryers since 2012 it’s fair to say that you are in good hands when selecting our dryers! Our customers rate us 5 out of 5 for our hand dryers at independent reviews site,

Unlike many companies across the UK we are both based in the UK, founded in the UK and serve the whole of the country. We’re proud to provide British engineering, so you know that you never have to go far, try and deal with call centres or decentralised offices with little they can actually do to help and on top of that because we manufacture the  commercial hand dryers ourselves, there’s no middle man, meaning we keep our prices competitive all we need from you is a commercial bathroom, and electricity.

We believe that our electric hand dryers are not only a fantastic addition to any bathroom, and can easily compliment the aesthetic and feel of your building, but our service built around the customer experience, and maintaining a product that you know you can rely on for years to come.

So get in touch today 0800 002 9678 to see how we can help!